Keywords : Depositional environment

Depositional environment as Interpreted from facies analysis of Injana Formation in Kand fold North Iraq

Thamer A.D.Aghwan; Mohammed A. M.Al-Rashedi

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2006, Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 46-63

Facies analysis of sandstone in the injana formation of kand anticline indicated the presence of : intraformational conglomerate facies (Gm), trough cross –bedded sandstone facies (st), planar cross-bedded sandstone facies (sp), horizontal bedded sandstone facies (sh). Massive bedded sandstone facies(sm), horizontal laminated sandstone facies (fl), ripple cross –laminated siltstone facies (sr) and massive mudstone facies (fsm).
Facies association in the lower part of the succession has affinity to river – dominated delta sequences characterize by small - scale coarsening – upward cycles , while the upper part shows diagnostic thick fining upward sequences of meandering river. Paleocurrent analysis indicates a unidirectional south – south west trend.