Keywords : computer

A Mathematical Technique for Analyzing Folds With the Computer Program “FOLDPI”

Nabeel K. Al-Azzawi

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Science, 2006, Volume 6, Issue 2, Pages 53-74
DOI: 10.33899/earth.2006.36429

A mathematical technique for analyzing folds was proposed instead of the tedious and slow graphical method. Procedure of this technique comprises converting the data of bedding planes to pole attitudes, calculation of the mean pole vector of fold limbs, obtaining the best fit π-circle, determining the fold geometric properties and finding fold cylindricity. This procedure was carried out by FOLDPI, a GWBASIC computer program written for the purpose of this application. Most of the geometrical properties of fold were dealt with. In addition, an example taken from the Sinjar Anticline was used for testing the validity of this technique. The results of testing the program against manually obtained solutions proved that this technique can be very helpful in getting faster and more accurate results