Keywords : Well Kirkuk

Biostratigraphy of Shiranish Formation in (K-306) Well, Kirkuk Area, Northern Iraq.

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2013, Volume 13, Issue 1, Pages 15-28

Planktonic foraminifera are studied from Shiranish Formation in Kirkuk well No.(306) , north of Iraq between depth interval( 1540-1660 m). Detailed study of the planktonic foraminifera revealed (25) species. The stratigraphic distribution of the Planktonic foraminifera recorded in the section permits the recognition of four zones these are from olderat the:

4- Gansserina gansseri Interval Zone ( Part).
3- Globotruncana aegyptiaca Interval Zone .
2- Globotruncanella havanensis Partial Range Zone.
1- Globotruncanita calcarata Total Range Zone ( Part) .

The zones are correlated with other studies inside and outside Iraq .The present work indicats that Shiranish Formation is of Late Campanian to Early Maastrichtion age.