Keywords : Geographic Information System

The Preparation of an Electronic Map for the Development of Wadi AL-shour Basin Valley North Eastern Mosul City Using Geographic Information System (GIS)

Bashar M. Yahya; Basman Y. Hameed

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2012, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 1-16

The study area is within Wadi AL-Shour basin north eastern mosul city. This work includes the hydrological development of the basin and the preparation of an electronic map based on remote sensing technique. The technique is considered a very active tool for the determination of the surface drainage system, analysis of the morphomatric features of the basin and the study of the hydrological balance of the basin. It has also been used for the determination of input and output flow of basin waters, the suitability of the well waters for drinking and agricultural purposes and the improvement of the productivity of the basin through the design of a harvesting method for rain waters at the study area. The collected data is processed by the use of (GIS) software and the results obtained are gathered in a main data base as a digital layers, loading to the preparation of a purpose electronic map which could be used for the monitoring and developing the study area.