Keywords : Complementary Physical

Statistical Treatment for a Complementary PhysicalProperties of Soils

Mohammed Q. Al-Jumaily; Siham I. Al-Azzo

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2011, Volume 11, Issue 1, Pages 47-62

Classifying soils into groups with similar behaviour, in terms of simple indices provide a general guidance about engineering properties of the soils. Complemetary physical properties of soil mean any three properties of soil that any two of them will be enough to estimate the third one, for examples Atterberg limits (Liquid Limit %, Plastic Limit % and Plasticity Index %) are substantially complementary physical properties due to the equational relationships between these three properties. Also the size fractions of soil that component from three fractions only (Clay %, Silt % and Sand %) are complementary physical properties because the total sum of these properties will be handred percent. In this study only two of the three complementary physical properties of soil have been converted to standardized values by subtracting each properties from the mean value and dividing the result by the standard deviation . The standardized values values are plotted on two dimensional graph which divided into a uniform area up on the unity standard deviation. Number of samples are measured in each area to draw the contours map which shows the individual groups . this a simple statistical treatment for a complementary physical properties of soils has been applied on soil data from Tulool Al-Bacth/Shirqat road. The resuls shows very satisfactory