Keywords : Palynology Ora Harur Formations Tournaisian KH

Palynology of Ora and Harur Formations (Late Tournaisian) in the Well KH 5/1 in Westren Iraqi Desert

Amer Dawood Nader; Nazar Abdulwahid Moustafa

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2005, Volume 5, Issue 1, Pages 56-76

Four samples between the interval (854–1157) m from the well KH 5/1 were studied palynologically, they represent Ora and Harur Formations. These samples yielded well preserved and highly diversed miospores mainly belonging to the miospore zone Spelaeotriletes pretiosus – Raistrickia clavata Higgs et al., 1988 of Late Tournaisian. Assemblages recovered show the dominance of Lycopods plants which flourished in warm and humid condition. The presence of Acritarch indicates deposition of the formations in near shore environment.