Keywords : Jeribe Formation

Facies Analysis and Sedimentary Model of Jeribe Formation (Lower Early Langhian) in Kor Mor Well No.3, Kirkuk Area –Iraq

Thamer A. Aghwan; Nadia Abdulrahman

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2009, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 27-40

The Jeribe Formation in Well Kor Mor /3 is divided into two microfacies and five submicrofacies identified on the basis of different sedimentological and paleontological criteria.
The first microfacies is lime mudstone which is divided into two submicrofacies: Algal lime mudstone and planktonic foraminiferal lime mudstone, while the second microfacies is fossiliferous lime packstone which is divided into three submicrofacies: Miliolidal lime packstone, pelecypodal lime packstone and echinodermal lime packstone. On the basis of facies properties, sedimentological and paleontological
characteristics, the depositional environments were established. These contain spectrum of depositional sites from inner lagoon to supratidal environments.