Keywords : Ostracoda North Iraq

On Some Ostracode Species of the Avanah Formation from Dohuk Area N. Iraq

Nisreen M. Aziz

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Science, 2012, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 79-92
DOI: 10.33899/earth.2012.36303

Six Ostracode species belonging to the Trachyleberididae and Xestoleberididae are recorded for first time from Avanah Formation (M.Eocene), Dohuk area,
Northern Iraq.These species are: Uroleberis globosa Ducasse 1967, Uroleberis sp., Acanthocythereis (Canthylocythereis) heijranensis sp. nov. Acanthocythereis (Canthylocythereis) sp., Acanthocythereis (Canthylocythereis) alacer Al-Furaih 1992, and Anommatocythereis beserensis sp. nov.