Keywords : Gravity

Gravity Data Reinterpretation of Ba'shiqa Anticline, Northern Iraq

Fawzi Sh. Ahmed

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2009, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 15-22

The study deals with the reinterpretation of a gravity traverse to the South and parallel to Ba'shiqa Anticline, which trends with the anticline axis. It has been shown the presence of faults perpendicular to Ba'shiqa anticline axis, their effect extend to the Lower Cretaceous rocks.
The first fault near Ba'shiqa where the Upper and Lower Cretaceous Rocks are deep and become shallower to the west of Ba'shiqa due to the fault. The second fault which affects the Upper and lower Cretaceous rocks to the west of Ba'shiqa occurs in the emergence zone between Ba'shiqa and Al-Fadhiliya anticlines, thence the Upper Cretaceous Rocks may occur at shallow depth near Al-Fadhiliya anticline.

Gravity Study to the Northwest of Kirkuk Oil Field

Fawzi S. Ahmed; Marwan Mutib

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2005, Volume 5, Issue 1, Pages 44-55

The present study has processed the gravity measurements which were prcviously reduced to sea level, using a constant density of 0.22 along two parallel traverses located to the north east of Guwair city near Upper Zab River. A geophysical model for each traverse was designed according to available geological data taking in consideration the lateral mass variation due to folding of the sedimentary sequences above the reduction plane.
The removals of the negative resultant gravity anomaly effects by the above processing have enhanced the gravity high. Furthermore, the geophysical models show the continuity of folding of stratigraphic sequence down to cretaceous rocks. This anticline (East Zab Anticline) seems to have the same structural characteristics of khurmala dome within Kirkuk Oil field. In addition, the study reveals that the axis of Zab structure is shifted to the north east due to the possible existence of strike slip fault trending NE-SW which causes the swinging of the surrounding fold axes.