Keywords : Planktonic Forminiferal Biostratigraphy

Planktonic Forminiferal Biostratigraphy of Kolosh Formation (Paleocene) in Dohuk Area North Iraq

Majid M. Al-Mutuuali; Alaa M. Al-Wazan

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2010, Volume 10, Issue 1, Pages 1-22

الملخص A surface section of Kolosh Formation was studied near Dohuk city, North Iraq. Detailed study of the planktonic foraminifera revealed (47) species. The stratigraphic distribution of the planktonic foraminifera recorded in the section permits the recognition of five zones and two subzones these are from base to top.

5- Morozovella aeque / Acarinina esnaensis Zone (P5).
4- Globanomalina pseudomenardii Zone (P4) Late Paleocene
3- Morozovella angulata Zone (p3) (Thanetian)

2- Praemurica uncinata Zone (P2). Early Paleocene
b.Globanomalina compressa Subzone (P1c). (Danian)
a.Subbotina triloculinoides Subzone (P1b).
1- Parasubbotina pseudobulloides Zone (P1).

These zones were correlated with other studies inside and outside Iraq. the present work indicate that Kolosh Formation is of Early Paleocene (Danian)- Late Paleocene ( Thanetian) age.