Keywords : Structure Geomorphology Shaikhan

Structure and Geomorphology of Shaikhan Anticline- Northern Iraq

Alaa N. Hamdoon; Nabeel K. Al-Azzawi

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2008, Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 54-63

Tectonic analysis of the Shaikhan Anticline in northern Iraq has been carried out using the available remote sensing data. The interpretation of aerial photographs and satellite images was correlated in the field with the ground truth, namely structural and geomorphologic features. It has been shown that the Shaikhan Anticline is located over and parallel to a listric fault in the basement rocks. Reactivation of this fault was basically responsible for the geometrical configuration of the Shaikhan Anticline. The listric fault is manifested in the form of a lineament on the satellite imagery and aerial photographs. This fault has cut through the sedimentary cover by normal sense of movement. It shows a small displacement on the beddings of the Pila Spi Formation along the northeastern limb of the anticline.