Keywords : Facies

Facies distribution and paleogeography of lower tertiary deposits in khleisia anah – Ramadi area western Iraq

Majid M. Al-Mutwali; Mazin; Tarik S. Abawi

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2002, Volume 2, Issue 1, Pages 14-27

Facies and paleogeography map of the lower tertiary (Paleocene –eocene) sequences, In khleisia- anah- Ramadi area, are presented. During Paleocene-lower early Eocene most part of the study area were exposed, whereas shelf deposits of the Akashat formation accumulated in the western part. Transgression of the sea started during upper early Eocene, led to deposition of deep basinal sediments of the Jaddala formation in the western part (Anah Graben) and shoal nummulitic facies of the Rutga formation in the southern part.
Gradual progress of the transgression overall the study area during middle and late Eocene led to depositionof the jaddala formation.