Keywords : Zubair

Systematic Study of Some Recent Pelecypods From Hajam Island in Khor Al- Zubair, Southern Iraq

Ali H. Elewi; Ramzi K. Al-Naser; Mohammed W. Al-Abbasi

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Science, 2008, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pages 47-59
DOI: 10.33899/earth.2008.5486

Khor Al-Zubair is a shallow arm, semi restricted channel, located at the northwestern part of the Arabian Gulf. The study area ( Hajam island ) is situated at the southern part of the channel, comprised sandy, silty and muddy sediments.Systematic description is made for the studied pelecypod shells assemblage, which are collected from the Hajam island in Khore Al-Zubair. These assemblage include nine species belonging to seven genera and six families. These species are; Barbatia helblingii, Pinctada margaritifera, Pinctada radiate, Spondylus (Spondylus) gaederopus, Diplodonta (Diplodonta) rotundata, Semele sinensis, Circe (Circe) scripta, Circe (Circe) intermedia and Bassina (Bassina) calophylla.