Keywords : Talafar

Geothermal Investigation in the plain Between Sheikh Ibrahim and Atshan anticline southeast of Talafar Northweast of Iraq

Saeed; Ahmed M; Marwan Mutib

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2006, Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 17-32

Geoelectrical investigations were carried out in the area that located between atshan and sheikh Ibrahim anticline and south west respectively the vertical electric sounding was applied by using the collinear and symmetrical schlumberger array with maximum spacing interval for the current and potential electrodes (840 and 90m. respectively ) the sounding station were located in 64 sites through four traverses trending NE-SW. the field curve were interpreted by the partial matching method and the initial models were adjusted by using KMM program with digital partial matching technique. For electric zones were distinguished, the first one represent the surface soil while the second zone reflect of two lithofacies which belong to the upper member of al fat'ha formation while the fourth zone represent a lateral resistivity contrast which reflect lower member of al fat'ha formation and the unit D of the upper member.
Those lateral variations were explained by the geoelectrical traverses which indicate longitudinal fault. More ever geoelectrical section delinated type of this normal fault with about 90m through and 25 degree dipping