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Applicability of Using the Earth Resistivity in Evaluating of Some Engineering Parameters for Road Subgrade/Naynawa Governorate

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2018, Volume 18, Issue 1, Pages 135-148

The present research includes studying the electrical resistivity and some engineering parameters (plasticity index, California Bearing Ratio, dry density, clay content, moisture content) for the Soil subgrade of the roads. Six sites were selected to conduct the study at Nineveh Governorate in Northern Iraq. Three of them are located to the east of Tigris river while the others to the west of it. Each site contains four locations, each of them includes five traverses with five sounding points in each traverse. The Constant Separation Traversing and Vertical Sounding are employed for delimitating the resistivity parameters, horizontally and vertically, with Wenner deployment. The field data were represented with six isoresistivity sections which indicate lateral and vertical variations reflecting subgrade soil inhomogeneities in the study area.
The required laboratory tests are carried out for the recognition of the physical characteristics for soil classification and determination of the engineering parameters. As well, the present study tried determining relationships between electrical resistivity and engineering parameters through the results of the statistical correlation analysis.
The study recommended the possibility of using isoresitivity sections in selecting for the proper sites for subgrade soil samples, and subsequently ending the random method in collecting the samples which always used.تضمن البحث الحالي د ا رسة المقاومية الكيربائية وبعض المعاملات اليندسية )دليل المدونة ونسبة
التحمل الكاليفورني والكثافة الجافة ونسبة الطين ومحتوى الرطوبة( لمتربة المستخدمة كطبقة أساس لمطرق.
تشمل منطقة الد ا رسة ستة مواقع مختمفة من محافظة نينوى في شمال الع ا رق، ثلاثة منيا تقع إلى الشرق من
نير دجمة اولثلاثة الأخرى في الجانب الغربي لمنير. يتضمن كل موقع أربعة م واضع ويشمل كل موضع
خمسة أو ستة مسا ا رت لمقياس حيث يتألف كل مسار من خمسة نقاط جس كيربائي بخمسة فاصلات قطبية
في كل نقطة جس. تم استخدام أسموبي التحري ثابت الفاصمة والجس العمودي وذلك لتحديد معاملات
المقاومية أفقيا وعموديا بترتيب وينر. رسمت البيانات الحقمية عمى ىيئة مقاطع تساوي المقاومية في ستة
مواقع وبينت النتائج وجود تغاي ا رت أفقية وعمودية متباينة في المقاومية الكيربائية اولتي تعكس عدم التجانس
لمكونات تربة طبقة الأساس في منطقة الد ا رسة.
أجريت الفحوصات المختبرية اللازمة عمى عينات التربة لمتعرف عمى الخصائص الفيزيائية وتصنيف
التربة و ايجاد المعاملات اليندسية ليا. كما حاولت الد ا رسة الحالية ايجاد علاقات بين المقاومية الكيربائية
والمعاملات اليندسية من خلال نتائج تحميل الارتباط إحصائيا لقيميا. توصي الد ا رسة بإمكانية الاعتماد عمى
مقاطع تساوي المقاومية في اختيار المواقع الصحيحة لأخذ عينات تربة طبقة الأساس لمطرق لإنياء الطريقة
العشوائية في جمع العينات والمعتمدة غالبا.

Geochemistry of Calcium Sulphate Rocks of Fat`ha Formation atFour Localities within Nineveh District, Northern Iraq(with emphasis on strontium distribution)

Zeki A. Aljubouri

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2011, Volume 11, Issue 1, Pages 49-70

Strontium distribution within (90) calcium sulphate samples (20 anhydrite, 25 massive gypsum, 25 selenite and 20 fibrous gypsum) from Fat'ha Formation (Middle Miocene) at four selected localities in northern Iraq were investigated. The study revealed that there was a loss of (182 ppm, 15.50%) strontium during the hydration of anhydrite to gypsum. This loss is attributed to the incapability of monoclinic structure of gypsum to hold all the released strontium from anhydrite. Massive gypsum contains almost twice and (3.46) times strontium than selenite and fibrous gypsum respectively. These differences are related to the different mode of formation of each type. There is a negative correlation between crystal size of gypsum and strontium content. The relationship is linear on a logarithmic scale. Estimated partition coefficients of strontium (KSr G) for the three typs of gypsum are all equal to (0.20) at an estimated temperature and brine concentration of (32ºC) and (X3.4) respectively. Estimated partition coefficient for anhydrite is (0.4) at an estimated temperature and brine concentration of (35ºC) and (X7.5) respectively. Multivariate discriminant analyses proved that strontium is the most discriminating element between (anhydrite and gypsum) and between (massive gypsum, selenite and fibrous gypsum).

Comparison in Morphotectonic Analysis of Selected Basins in Nineveh Governorate North of Iraq

Hekmat S. Al-Daghastani Rayan Gh. Al-Banaa

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2006, Volume 6, Issue 2, Pages 25-44

The present study deals with morphotectonic analysis of eight surface drainage basins which varies in their basin geometry. These basins are distributed within the major structural zones in Nineveh Governorate north of Iraq. Analysis of longitudinal valley profiles of these basins indicated their effects by a group of morphotectonic variables, which characterized each distinct segments differently.
Both bifurcation ratio and mean order length relationships against the drainage basin orders showed clear evidences to differentiate between effected and non effected basins with active tectonic deformation. These comparisons demonstrate a new concept that might be able to utilize in morphotectonic comparison studies.