Keywords : Sedimentary Model

Facies Analysis and Sedimentary Model of Burdigalian Stagein Kor Mor Well No.3, Kirkuk Area-Iraq

Thamer A. Aghwan; Nadia A. Abdul Rahman

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2008, Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 25-40

The present study describes the sucessions of the Burdigalian stage, which includes: Euphrates, Dhiban Formations and intervening of Serikagne Formation with Euphrates Formation.
Numerous microfacies are identified, based on different criteria. The microfacies of Euphrates Formation are: algal lime mudstone - wackestone, algal lime wackestone - packstone, lime packstone-grainstone, oolitic lime grainstone, and planktonic foraminiferal lime mudstone which represent the intercalation of Serikagne Formation with Euphrates Formation.
The microfacies of Dhiban Formation are: lime mudstone, miliolidal lime grainstone and anhydrite lithofacies.
On the basic of their properties and other sedimentary and biological features, the depositional environments are inferred. These contain a spectrum of depositional sites from outer lagoon to supratidal environments.