Keywords : Geomorphic Landforms

Relationship Between Geomorphic Landforms, Landuse, Drainage System and its Benefit in Water Harvesting of Badoosh Basin, Northern Iraq

Hekmat S. Al; Daghastani; Basman Y. Hameed

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2011, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 15-32

The importance of morphometric analyses of surface drainage basins are presented by developing of the relationship between landforms characteristics and landuse to benefit of it in identify potential sites for water harvesting exploitation. Thematic Landsat imagery had been analyzed to determine landform characteristics of Badoosh ephemeral stream basin and its relation with water harvesting search concept. The outline of a technique that can aid in the integration of the morphometric analysis with the Geographic Information System had been used in the selection of the best places to built three barriers. A special purpose map was prepared showing the best location sites for small dams on the main flow of the valley. Detailed examination of the geomorphic features was made to identify the best location to convert the main channel flow of the near by catchment and or the scheme of South Al – Jazeera Irrigation Canal to recharge this basin.