Keywords : Problems

Groundwater Quality Problems of a Gypsiferous and Urbanized area,Kifri city Northeast of Iraq

Diary AAmeen and Hiwa S.Ahmed

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2006, Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 12-28

The ground water in kifri city is being subjected to anthropogenic activities and enrichment of sulfate ions via high soluble rocks. The results showed that there are seasonal changes in ion concentrations due to dilution by rainfall, also the study concluded that the Fat'ha formation has great impact on enriching the groundwater with sulfate ions, and the groundwater is polluted with nitrate and phosphate. The water type of the studied area is Ca-SO4 when applied to piper classification. From the areal map of ion distributions it is clear that the center and southern parts of the city contain high values of ions due to anthropogenic activity. The water samples are not sutiable for drinking but are suitable for agricultural and some industries like textile, chemical pulp and paper industry.