Keywords : Qualitative Characteristics

The Qualitative Characteristics and the Trace Elementsfor Tigris River Water in Mosul City

Yasir M. Al-yazichi; Hazim J. Mahmood

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2008, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pages 33-49

. The present study is concerned with the characteristics and quality of Tigris water passing through in Mosul city. Twelve samples were collected from the river in the area between upstream and down stream of the city. Six samples in Summer and (6) samples in Winter, as well as, sample of the rain water falling on the city were collected. The physical and chemical analyses showed relative increase in most of the concentrations of the principle components of the river, as well as high concentrations of the trace elements through downstream Mosul city, where a large quantities waste water is drained to (around 500000 m3/day) the river. The results also show that chemical major ions concentrations during rainy season is less from there than dry one this because of the lightening factor and the spreading of falling rain water with low concentrations of ions and also the slightness of the evaporation processing during this season. Results shows that Tigris water is generally are not within the world standard levels of drinking water.