Keywords : False color

Enhancing landform Phenomena by using False color composite Techniques to images taken from Different Sensors

Rayan Gh. T.Al-Banaa; Abeer A. M.Al-Allaf

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2006, Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 33-45

False color composite images created in normal method by merging three images.
Each one of them has a wavelength range portrayed from one sensor . the aim of the present study is to complete te missing band by depending on the same bands in other sensor. Geometrical properties of a satellite images are varied between each type of sensors therefore the geometrical corrections methods were used to unify the geometrical distortion between the images tat used in present study. Histogram equalization were used to enhance pixel reflectance of the images. The produced image from previous processing was giving a high accuracy through increase the enhancement of land feature phenomena and this was noted when it is compared with the same images without processing.