Keywords : Spectro Radiometer

Characteristic Variations of Spectral Reflection of Soil and Rocks in Kand Structure Northern Iraq

Hekmat S. Al-Daghastani; Basman Y. Hameed

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2013, Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 23-34

Using spectral reflecting curves of selected (soil and rocks) in Kand Structure northern Iraq to emphasis visual and digital interpretation of remote sensing data. Results show high effectiveness in geologic and geomorphic analysis of the study area through identification of most lithologic units that identified from satellite images.
Seven samples taken from the study area had been analyzed using Spectro Radiometer in remote sensing center laboratory. The result of different spectral reflectance curves reflect various types of these samples due to the development stages in Kand Structure and to the exposed rocks of Fatha and Injana formations. The dominant geomorphic process and neotectonic activities play an important roles in the gemorphic evolution of these landforms, and its spectral reflection, as well as in the form and distribution of these soils throw out the study area.