Keywords : West of Iraq

Factor Analysis of Water Quality in Hit–Cubaisa Area, West of Iraq

Mohammed Faozy Omer Khattab

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2004, Volume 4, Issue 1, Pages 98-110

This study involves the use of factor analysis technique to evaluate the chemical analysis results of (58) water samples taken from Hit-Cubaisa in the western part of Iraq.
The samples were taken for two periods. An analyzing scheme, which includes correlation and factor analysis, is adopted. Fourteen variables representing measurements and chemical analysis of water sample, were considered for each period .The scheme is applied first to the samples of each period separately and then to the samples of both periods together.
When the scheme is applied separately to each period, correlation analysis has shown the effect of (pH) and (T) on the concentration of same element for both period samples. Besides, the analysis has shown that the amount of (TDS) is related to concentration of element (Ca, Mg, Na and Cl) for the first periods samples and it is related to concentration of elements (Ca,Mg,Na,Cl, K,and H2S) .
The results of factor analysis have shown the domination of two factors have different ratio depend on season of measurements. The first is the rock nature and the second is the environmental condition of the samples.
When the scheme is applied to the samples of both periods, the results of correlation analysis were similar to those of the first period sample. Factor analysis in this case has shown the domination of the same factor. This result indicates to the stability of the environmental condition effect factor and limited effect of rainfall on the water quality through short period of time after rainfall.