Keywords : Programming Development

The Programming Development for Processing and Interpretation of the Earth Resistivity Sounding

Zuhair D. AL-shaikh; Marwan Mutib

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2009, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 41-58

The research contains the explanation, exploitation and development of igital technique in design of stripping, partial and modification modeling or resistivity sounding data. Resistivity transforms of field observations are determined from the digital linear filtering operation which depends on fourier transform and convolutions of two functions.
The calibration and adjustment of zonal parameters are conducted with the rule of excellent relationship between each field observations branch and associated zonal parameter section.The final model is computed according to equivalence rules with automate approach.
The present designed program (MAK) has got three formats with 6 , 8 and 12 field measurements per the logarithmic decade depends on filter length.The type of geoelectrical study (environmental, engineering, hydrogeology, stratigraphy …etc ) is defined the format of the chosen filtar