Keywords : Lithological

The Impact of Some Lithological and Structural Variableson Geoelectrical Properties of Mishraq SulphurField (M-1) Northern Iraq

Thanoon H. AL-Dabbagh; Salim Q. AL-Naqib

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2009, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 27-38

This work includes the preparation of aerial photogeological map and the study of many geological profiles. It also involves the study of stratigraphical division and correlations of the exposed bedrocks at Butmah-East and Raven anticlines, particularly the Fat'ha Formation near Mosul Dam northern Iraq.
It is evident that the sinkholes persisting through the area in question were initiated primarily within the upper part of the upper member of Fat'ha Formation. These were produced from the dissolution of thick gypsum beds in addition to the structural interplay and intersections of lineaments and faults. It can be concluded that the recent sinkhole in the tourist city is a product of faults crossing and the study could predict a new sinkhole development about 200m to the southeast of the present one.