Keywords : Carbonate Rocks

Hydrochemistry of Tigris River Water from its Iraqi‘s Territory Entry to Baghdad city

Hisham Yahya Dhannoun; Hazim Jumaa Mahmood

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2014, Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages 67-89

The present work deals with hydrochemistry of the major elements in Tigris River water, along the area stretching from the beginning of the river entry into Iraqi territory in the north, and to Baghdad city in the south.
The results revealed an increase in the concentrations of the major elements in general, during the trajectory of the river to the south, as well as a relative increase in the concentrations of the elements during the winter, compared with their concentrations during the summer. The result also clarified that the composition of the river basin rocks plays the main control of the major elements hydrochemistry. The results indicated that the controlling rocks type of the Tigris main reservoirs are rang between carbonate and silicate compositions.