Keywords : Qala Deza

Spectral Signature Extraction of Pegmatite Intrusions and Determine it by Using Supervised Classification, Bulfat Complex, Qala Deza, NE Iraq

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2018, Volume 18, Issue 1, Pages 11-28

Pegmatite intrusions represent one of the distinguished geological features which are exposed in the north western part of Zagros Suture Zone-ZSZ whose forms appear like dikes and its contain of Volcano-Sedimentary units. In order to determine these features in some areas northern Iraq, remote sensing techniques were used by applying selective image processing methods for determining the spectral signature of these intrusions. Lithological samples were collected and analyzed geochemically and specify Mode analysis of minerals phases and consequently determination the suitable samples for spectral extraction. Depending on the extracted spectral, digital classification was applied on the corrected satellite images to extract the compatible spectral signatures between pegmatite intrusions (in satellite images) and pegmatite field samples. The results showed coincident between this two pegmatite and also determine another zones of pegmatite out of studied area. The density of pegmatite is more in the zone which is located northwestern part from samples area and low density in the other area. The research method gave good efficiency in pegmatite investigation by clarifying these features on the satellite images.ً.