Keywords : Stereographic projection

Analysis of Slope Failure at the Southwestern Limb of Perat Anticline - NE Iraq Using Stereographic Projection

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2018, Volume 18, Issue 1, Pages 59-76

Rock slopes analysis in south western limb of Perat anticline, near Bekhme village, were studied. Seven stations were chosen to study these slopes which distributed along several exposed formations of Bekhme, Shiranish, Tanjero, Kolosh, Khurmala, and Gercus interbeded with Pila Spi according to their existence on the road, beginning from the Iron Bridge of Bekhme.
Stereographic projection technique was used in analyzing and classifying these slopes. Plane sliding along bedding planes and joints is the predominant in the formations of Bekhme, Shiranish, Pila Spi and some of khurmala Formation. Clastic rock Formations of Tanjero, Kolosh, and Gercus help to failure in steep and moderate slopes. Because of no distinctive favorable discontinuities to slide along, these slopes are suffering from raveling processes which means granular disintegration into small components by different processes. The rock slopes of Khurmala Formation are affected by wedge sliding along discontinuities intersections with bedding planes.