Keywords : Index Relatives Stability

Determination of Homogeneity of Parent Material and the Development of Soils at Selected Areas in Northern Iraq Using Weathering Resistant Minerals

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2018, Volume 18, Issue 2, Pages 15-34

This study was carried out using mineral analysis data from XRD and the bromoform solution for separation of heavy metals, (15 samples of soil and five samples of rocks) were distributed in five sections: Al Qayara, Hammam Al-Aalil, Tel kaif, Duhok and Zakho. And by three depths and rock form for each section. The proportion of heavy metals resistant to weathering was calculated
(Zircon, Tourmaline, and Rutile ZTR) as a criterion in the determination of the original materials in the soil of the study soil as well as the calculation of the PI and the IRS to measure the degree of degradation and the viability of these soils as an indication of their degree of development and the ability to classify them based on their degree of resistance to weathering operation . The results of weathering in these areas showed a difference in "the degree and ability of these soils in their resistance to weathering operations according to the location and the nature of the original materials. The Zakho soil samples were highly superior to weathering, The remaining areas of the study were in the middle of the degree of weathering as these areas receive the amounts of rainfall up to 1000 mm / year as in the Zakho area, and 250 mm / year as in the Qayara area, as well as topography of these areas, are among the high as in the Zakho and low in the Qayara area..