Keywords : Porcelain

Assessment of Dewkhla kaoline,Um-Radhuma sand and domestic glass waste for the preparation of chemical porcelain

Firas f.Alhamdani; Sattar j.Alkhafaji; aAli m. Qaeed

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2005, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 20-35

Thirteen mixtures from natural raw materials (Dwekhla kaoline, um-radhuma sand) and synthetic waste glass were prepared to evaluate their suitability for preparation of chemical porcelain.
The mixture were formed under 300 kg/cm2 using semi dry method, then the mixtures were fired at 1050, 1100,1150, 1200o C respectively.
The result of physical (porosity, water absorption, bulk density, and specific gravity) chemical and mechanical properties at prepared samples showed an agreement with the American and russian specifications for chemical porcelain, as well as the results showed that waste glass was suitable as a flux material in preparation of chemical porcelain instead of feldspar.