Keywords : Foreland Belt

Local Shortening of Folds and Detachment Surface Depth withExamples from the Foreland Belt of Iraq

Nabeel K. Al-Azzawi

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2008, Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 34-43

The percentage of local shortening of the Foreland Folds is quantified on the basis of simple geological trend and calculations of appropriate mathematical approaches.
The quantification method includes the measurements of the amount of the tectonic uplift of a measurement datum as well as, the amount of the entire uplifted mass represented in cross section by the area of the structural relief.
The application of the present method at two separate areas of the Foreland Belt of Iraq was lead to encouraging results and confidence in uses for tectonic analysis. The obtained results comply with the tectonic concepts of the area, and in the mean time it is compatible with other relevant studies.