Keywords : Lower Early Langhian Successions

Biostratigraphy of the Aquitanian - Lower Early Langhian Successions in Kor Mor Well No.3 at Kirkuk Area, NE Iraq

Thamer A. Agawan Nadia A. Abdu Rahman

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2009, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 1-14

The present study deals with the biostratigraphy of the Aquitanian -Lower Early Langhian successions age in Kor Mor well No.3 at Kirkuk area.
The studied section includes six formations with a total thickness of about (430) meters.These are: Ibrahim, Azkand, Anah, Euphrates, Dhiban and Jeribe formations.
Eighteen species and subspecies of planktonic foraminifera and twenty one species and subspecies of benthonic foraminifera are recognized.
Also some forams of benthonic foraminifera to the genus level are identified.
Fragments of mullosca shell, echinoderm, green and red algae were recognized from the studied succession.They permit an identification of five biostratigraphic zones and are from younger to older:
Borelis melo curdica Total Taxon - Range Zone.
Miogypsina globulina Total Taxon - Range Zone.
Miogypsinoides complanatus Total Taxon - Range Zone.
Catapsydrax dissimilis Partial - Range Zone (N.5).
Globigerinoides primordius Partial - Range Zone (N.4).
The first two zones are withen Ibrahim Formation, of Early Miocene (Early Aquitanian) age.Whereas, the third zone affilated to Azkand and Anah formations of Early Miocene (Late Aquitanian) age,The fourth zone is related to Euphrates and Dhiban formations of Early Miocene (Late Burdigalian) age. The last zone represent Jeribe Formation of Middle Miocene (Lower Early Langhian).