Keywords : Subsurface Geology

The Using of the Resistivity and Gravity Geophysical Methods in the Detection of the Subsurface Geology in Asky Mosul

Muneef M. Al-Mahjoob; Bashar A. Mahmoud; Ayman M. Ahmed

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2008, Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 1-13

Present research includes application of the methods of electrical resistivity and gravity to explore and determine the subsurface geology in a part of the Asky Mosul area situated to the north-west of Iraq. The gravity survey included (51) stations distributed along (6) traverses extended towards the northwest-southeast, and drew Bouguer anomaly map.
As for the geoelectrical survey has included measurement of (24) vertical electrical sounding points distributed along (4) traverses in the same direction of the gravity traverses above. All the (VES) points are interpreted quantitatively using the (IPI 2.1 Win) software.
Through the interpretation of the geoelectrical results and link them with the boreholes sequences within the study area, we identified the subsurface stratigraphical sequences in the study area which appeared as the lower member of the Al-Fatha formation. The study also showed that the area is affected by set of step faults which divided the area to some horst and grabben structures.