Keywords : Physical and Geotechnical

Determination some of Physical and Geotechnical Properties of the Calcareous Rocks in Kufa Quarry Using Ultrasonic Velocities

Haider H. Faraj; Emad H. AL-Khersan Salman Z. Khorshid Haider H. Faraj

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2011, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 11-36

Ninety eight oriented hand samples were collected from five sites represent calcareous outcrop of Euphrates Formation. These sites were chosen as a completed recovery for a region located at Kufa Quarry-Bahar Al-Najaf
area / Middle of Iraq, in order to perform a geophysical study aimed to measure some of the geotechnical and physical properties for these rocks using New Sonicviewer instrument. Moreover, isotropy and seismic impedance were also determined. Longitudinal and Transverse seismic wave velocities had been measured for all samples. The average value for longitudinal velocities is 4294 m/sec and for the transverse velocities is 1870 m/sec. High consolidated limestone, dolomitized limestone and dolomite rock samples show highest longitudinal and transverse seismic velocity values, however, marl rock samples reflect the lowest values. Seismic velocities were measured in three directions;( bed strike, true dip and vertical on bedding plane). Therefore, isotropic factors were determined. It shows the existing of anisotropy between the different types of the considerable rocks of the area.. Finally, Vp, Vs, geotechnical and physical properties were measured for 17 saturated rock samples belong to site four. The results were compared with that of dry samples tests; however, saturated samples give clear decline in their values related to velocity and most of the remaining properties