Keywords : Stratigraphical and Structural

Stratigraphical and Structural Geology of Hamdania Area from Geoelctrical Survey

Nabeel H. Al-Saigh; Yousif F. Eclimes; Zuhair D. Al-Shaikh

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2011, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 1-14

In Hamdania governate a detailed geoelectrical survey for about 950km2 from its area has been carried out, through carrying out 53 VES measurements using Schlumberger arrangement. For most measuring points the maximum distance AB for the current electrodes was 1500m and for the potential electrodes MN was 80-120m.
The survey reveals the presence of four geoelectrical zones representing different geological formations. The first zone represents the topsoil layer underlying Bi-Hasan and Mukdadyia Formations. The third geolelectrical zone represents Injana Formation, which is the main distinguished zone in the area in its thickness and extension. The fourth zone however, which is the deepest zone represents Fat'ha Formation. The survey also shows the presence of two main faults in the area F1 and F2 running parallel with Tigris River.