Keywords : Oligocene

Lepidocyclina (Nephrolepidina) kirkukensis n. sp., a new Larger Foraminifera from the Late Oligocene of Kirkuk Area,Northern Iraq

Imad M. Ghafor; Qahtan A. Mohammad

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2011, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 37-50

ABSTRACTLepidocyclina(Nephrolepidina) kirkukensis a new Foraminifera is recorded from the Late Oligocene Baba Formation (Kirkuk and Bai-Hassan Oil Fields, North Iraq). The new species is described and figured based on variations in (Ai, C and α ) parameters in agreement with the principles of nepionic acceleration as defined by Tan Sin Hock. The paleoenvironment of the Lepidocyclina (Nephrolepidina) kirkukensis is concluded as shallow marine according to the lithological features and faunal association.