Keywords : Landforms

Study and Analysis of Landforms and its Application in the area Between Tiara and Allan anticline,North of Iraq using Remote Sensing Data

Hekmat S.Al-Daghstani; Mohamud F.Hussein Bassman Y.Al-Ta

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2006, Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 1-16

Remote sensing data are used as one of the new tools to draw a series of thematic maps to evaluate the suitability of land areas for a variety of landuse and economic planning in the area between tiara and allan anticlines, north of Iraq. Geomorphological analysis has shown nine geomorphological units, which reflects the impact of geological and geomorphological processes of each landforms and its genetic origin. Landuse and landcover maps depending on (usgs) system showed all the apparent activities up to the third level. (19) classes of landuse have been shown of these different classes were measured together with their percentages within the total are of study.
Our emphasis in this study is to determine the impact of sinhareeb dam upon all the apparent landuse and land cover activities. The area of different classes, which will be going to sub merge under lake level s were measured together with there percentages within the total area of study, in order to be utilized as information datum upon which future decisions will be made.