Keywords : Drainage basin

Geomorphic Indices of Tectonic Activity Through the Analysis of the Drainage Systems in Pera Magroon Anticline, Northeastern Iraq

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2018, Volume 18, Issue 2, Pages 99-112

The study area (Pera Magroon) is located within Kurdistan Region, Sulaimaniyah Governorate, north and northwest of Sulaimaniyah city northeastern Iraq. Arc GIS, hydro tool is used to extract the drainage network in the area under study by using digital elevation models (DEM). The study area is covered by dendritic and parallel drainage patterns and divided into twenty sub-basins.
Three geomorphic indices, Mountain-front sinuosity (Smf), Stream-gradient index (SL) and Valley floor width-valley height ratio (Vƒ) were calculated for sub- basins.
Through averaging these three indices, we obtained index of active tectonics (IAT). The values of the index were divided into classes to define the degree of active tectonics. Therefore, relative tectonic activity is calculated and their values are classified and analyzed in three groups. The sub-basins were identified as very high, high and moderate levels..