Keywords : Morphotectonic

Comparison Between Visual and Digital Interpretation of Lineament Features in Allan Anticline Northern Iraq

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2018, Volume 18, Issue 1, Pages 117-134

This study included a comparison between both visual and digital interpretations of lineament patterns, which are located in Allan anticline Northern Iraq, using remote sensing techniques.
Results of field measurements of joints pattern that located in the central ridge of Allan anticline, showed a clear correlation with lineaments pattern which are
Hekmat S. AL-Daghastani
Remote Sensing Center
University of Mosul
Basma Gh. Ghanem
Department of Geology
College of Science
University of Mosul
مقارنة بين التفسير البصري والرقمي لممظاىر الخطية في.............
interpreted by both (visual and digital) interpretations. The dominance trends in the directions of Lineaments are include: North East- South West and North West- South East as well as the trend North – South. These trends correspondence with the prevailing faults pattern in Allan anticline and the trends direction of tectonic forces in the region.
Digital analysis results of lineaments using PCI Geomatica program in the foot slope region of Allan anticline showing anomaly in some directions due to determine non-structural Lineaments which are reflect the boundaries of agriculture fields, therefore the integrations between the visual and digital interpretation of lineaments is very necessary to support morphotectonic analysis.شممت الد ا رسة مقارنة بين أسموبي التفسير البصري والرقمي لنمط الخطيات المتواجدة في طية علان
المحدبة شمال الع ا رق، باستخدام تقنيات التحسس النائي.
أظيرت نتائج القياسات الحقمية لنمط الفواصل المتواجدة في النطاق المركزي لطية علان بأن
ىناك ارتباط اً واضح اً مع نمط الخطيات المفسرة بالأسموبين حيث أن اتجاه الخطيات السائدة كانت
شمال شرق جنوب غرب وشمال غرب جنوب شرق اضافة الى الاتجاه شمال - - - جنوب. وقد تطابقت
ىذه الاتجاىات مع نمط الصدوع السائدة في طية علان واتجاىات القوى التكتونية المؤثرة في المنطقة.
اظيرت نتائج التحميل الرقمي لمخطيات باستخدام برنامج PCI Geomatica في نطاق أقدام
الانحدا ا رت لطية علان شذوذا في بعض الاتجاىات وذلك لتحديد خطيات ذات اصل غير تركيبي والتي
عكست حدود الا ا رضي الز ا رعية، مما يجعل ضرورة مكاممة ىذا التحميل مع الأسموب البصري، وذلك لدعم
نتائج التحميلات المورفوتكتونية لممنطقة.

Comparison in Morphotectonic Analysis of Selected Basins in Nineveh Governorate North of Iraq

Hekmat S. Al-Daghastani Rayan Gh. Al-Banaa

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2006, Volume 6, Issue 2, Pages 25-44

The present study deals with morphotectonic analysis of eight surface drainage basins which varies in their basin geometry. These basins are distributed within the major structural zones in Nineveh Governorate north of Iraq. Analysis of longitudinal valley profiles of these basins indicated their effects by a group of morphotectonic variables, which characterized each distinct segments differently.
Both bifurcation ratio and mean order length relationships against the drainage basin orders showed clear evidences to differentiate between effected and non effected basins with active tectonic deformation. These comparisons demonstrate a new concept that might be able to utilize in morphotectonic comparison studies.

Morphotectonic of Mushora-Dagh Structure North Western of Iraq Using Remote Sensing and Field Data

Hekmat S. Al-Daghstani Ramzi Kh. Al-Nasir Mumtaz M.AL-Jarjary

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2005, Volume 5, Issue 1, Pages 1-15

A detaild morphotectonic study has been carried out for the Mushora Dagh Anticline. This anticline is situated to the northwestern part of Iraq about (95) km from Mosul City. The morphotectonic map deduced from the enhanced space imagery showing the existence of seven morphotectonic units, differences in their lithologic and morphologic characteristics, which has been affected by local and regional tectonic movements.
The morphotectonical analysis method included: first, study of directional analysis of structural lineaments and relation between their direction and the tectonic movements through the successive geological periods. Furthermore, upward concavity of the longitudinal profiles represents evidence of the appearance of some anomalies that can be attributed to a number of geologic and tectonical factors. Finally, three high anomaly values appeared while determining the index sinuosity of the Tigris River. These values agree with the first appearance of the surfaces of the transverse and longitudinal faults of Mushora-Dagh Anticline and the axis of this anticline.