Keywords : Clayey Soil

Treatment of Expansive Clayey Soil in AL-Wahda Districtat Mosul City with Crushed Limestone

Siham I. Al-Azzo

Iraqi National Journal of Earth Sciences, 2009, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 1-10

The work presented in this paper aims to the improvement of the moderately expansive clayey soil in AL-wahda district at Mosul city, by the addition of crushed limestone obtained from the waste of Masonry Factories presented in the industrial
area, of east side of Mosul City.This abandoned wast material creates serious environmental problem in the area surrounding these factories requiring an urgent solution to dispose of the huge limestone belonging to Fat`ha Formation. Different amounts of the crushed limestone by weight (passing sieve No. 40) were added 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10% to the clayey soil from AL-wahda district at Mosul to reduce
its expansiveness and to improve its engineering properties for many earth work construction. The results showed reduction in the plasticity of the clay and significant decrease in expansion to about 72%, which gives good results for road constructions.